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Period solutions designed for you to thrive

Hang out with us

    Wed, 23 Nov
    Virtual Event
    23 Nov 2022, 19:30
    Virtual Event
    Have you been made to feel like your health isn't a priority? Has your pain gone unnoticed and underestimated? Do you feel angry and frustrated about our lack of options? Grab a drink and join us for a cozy evening, exploring the enraging history of neglect in the field of women’s health together.
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Period pain is not normal.

CommaPeriods gives menstruators the knowledge and tools to heal their period pain.

Upgrade your period experience

Learn everything you need to know about your cycle.

Join us on our journey and get exclusive perks

Join the CommaCollective on Geneva to chat to experts, get access to our podcast & have an active say in Comma's future.

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