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About us

Who we are and why we're here.

"I was so tired of puking from the pain every month - but I felt like I had nobody to turn to"

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Martina, the Founder 

I started by creating a box of gifts and essentials for menstruators to have on their period, just to make our lives a little easier. In the meantime, I kept researching for some kind of relief for my pain, and what I found was mind-blowing. There was so much out there, but nobody knew about it. I felt a need to develop a way to make this information easily understandable, digestible and accessible to all!

Our Mission

We want to give menstruators the knowledge and tools to heal their period pain.

Our period pain can be isolating and debilitating. But it is more than a 7-day inconvenience. Within them lies the key to our sexual, hormonal and future health. Our menstrual health has been overlooked by the health industry, we want to put the power back into your hands.

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Our Values


Not all women menstruate and not all menstruators are women

We cater to all menstruators, regardless of their gender. All people with a uterus are included. We celebrate our differences and are stronger together.


Knowledge is power and so is health

We want to educate you so that you have all the tools to manage your menstrual health without having to rely on disappointing advice.


Period pain isn't normal

We will never get tired of advocating for this. Period pain has been normalised through the decades, but we should only be enduring a mild discomfort, so why suffer?

Our Team

Martina and Miguel met during their masters degrees at UCL. At graduation drinks, they got talking about what they were up to post-graduation. As soon as Miguel heard that Martina was working on Comma, he said "This is brilliant, I know how to build this!" 

Soon enough Sasha CaywardNour Zerelli and Kevin Withane joined the team as advisors. 

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