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Sex education, re-imagined. You'll have in-depth flow lessons on all things period and cycle syncing. Enjoy courses from nutrition to intimacy, exercise, symptom relief, and productivity, you'll be a period expert in no time.


Periods & Acne

Learn how your cycle and hormones are at the root of your acne. Get a step-by-step guide to not only eliminating acne but preventing future breakouts.  ​Say goodbye to spending hundreds of £££ on skincare and beauty products that never solve the problem. Begone are the hours spent on Youtube watching every skincare routine under the sun. ​Hello glowing skin all month long.

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Hacking Productivity

Spoiler: Your productivity and motivation change with your hormones throughout the month. It's not you, but your cycle :/ Learn how to optimise your to-do list, plan your goals for success, and say goodbye to the 5am club for a cyclical routine (learn why by joining). 

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