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Signs of an Unhealthy Period

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

First things first, it's important to know that your period and menstrual cycle are not the same thing!

Your period is the actual bleed and is just a small part of the menstrual cycle (more lessons to come about this). Your period is considered to be the fifth vital sign, along with blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, and respiration. Think of your period as a report card every single month for how your overall health is. If it’s painful, crampy, and takes away from your life– it’s an indication that something internal is off balance.

So, how do you know if your period is unhealthy? Well, let’s check!

Do you regularly experience…

  • Period Pain 😖

  • Heavy Mood Swings 🤬

  • Migraines and Dizziness 🤕

  • Debilitating Fatigue/Stress 😤

  • Very Irregular Cycles 🤪

If so, this is a sign of some kind of imbalance in your menstrual cycle.

While the medical system is keen on solving symptoms, here at Comma, we are all about finding the root cause. And to do this, you need to know a little secret… everything in your body is connected. Literally everything.

If you’re in a stressful stage in your life...

Or have toxic relationships (romantic or platonic), are working out too much and not in the right way (another lesson coming on this), are not eating for your cycle, have low quality sleep, are using endocrine disrupting beauty and house products — this can all play a role. Everything, and we mean everything has an impact on your cycle, and therefore your mood, energy, libido, and skin too.

We are ditching the "fixing" mindset for the preventative mindset. You shouldn’t be dealing with the period pain once it’s arrived – you should be preventing it from happening. THIS is the way, and quite frankly, the only way that long term, meaningful, and radical change is achieved and maintained.

Living in sync with your cycle is the most liberating, abundance creating, and radical thing you can do for yourself – and we are so excited to be your guide for this journey of rediscovering your body and energy.

Did you know...💡

A study conducted on 42,879 women found that 85% of them suffered from painful periods and 38% of all women reported not being able to perform all their regular daily activities. From the women that had to skip tasks because of their symptoms, only 48.6% told their family that menstrual symptoms were the reason for the transfer of tasks. (Schoep, M., E. ET AL. (2019) "The impact of menstrual symptoms on everyday life: a survey among 42,879 women")

What do you want to know next

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