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The Four Phases

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The Four Phases - Hormones like to dance, and they don’t follow a 24h rhythm.

Have you ever felt shame for not behaving the same everyday, not being able to be productive all the time, being more sensitive and angry on certain days?

It’s draining AF to try to match your energy day in and day out and even more frustrating when we see PMS memes. Let us know if you’ve been trying to reject these stereotypes that we get more moody, emotional or eat ice cream by the tub on our periods, yet have ended up feeling misunderstood and burnt out.

Besties. We are different day in and day out. Our hormones fluctuate daily and weekly which can be categorised into four phases. An easy way to remember your four phases is to think of them like seasons.

Menstrual Phase (days 1-5; lasts 3-7 days) 💃 - AKA Winter

This is the well known, aunt flow, also known as your bleed. Your hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) are at their lowest, so your energy is at its lowest. Which means that you want to hibernate and it’s ok to!! You actually need this rest and relaxation time, or you'll feel more burn out later on.

Follicular Phase (days 6-14; lasts 6-10 days) - a.k.a Spring 🌸🐝

This season is a little cheeky, it has lots of flirty energy. You’re getting happier, more inspired, more proactive. Lots to be excited about! As your oestrogen rises, so does your energy as this is when the follicle with the egg is maturing. Get outside, get creative and live your best life with people.

Ovulation (days 14-18; lasts 3-6 days) - a.k.a Summer 🍹

This is the main event. This is your summer stage, you’re thriving physically and mentally. Your oestrogen, testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone levels are at their peak, which releases the egg and it’s ready to be fertilised. This is also known as your fertile window and is the only time in the cycle you can get pregnant. No egg = no chance for pregnancy, which is why THIS IS THE MOST CRUCIAL ONE TO KNOW.

Luteal Phase (days 18-28; lasts 10-14 days)

This phase is your Autumn. It’s when you retreat and look inwards. With oestrogen falling, which is our social hormone, and progesterone increasing, which is our cuddly and relaxation hormone. It is also responsible for sleep quality and moods, which is why if there is an imbalance, you experience mood swings and PMS. Listen to your intuition and turn inwards to rebalance.

Now that you know the four phases/seasons, try to tune in and notice changes in your energy, workouts, productivity and moods throughout the month. And stay tuned for how to sync your Food, Energy, Exercise and Lifestyle with these four phases!

PS. If you are on a hormonal birth control of any kind, you do not have this cycle. Effectively, HBC turns off ovulation and you no longer fluctuate and do not have a real period, rather it is a synthetic period. You can still “cycle sync” and it will be really beneficial for when you are ready to come off. We will use the cycle of the moon for you:

Menstrual Phase = New Moon (3-5 days)

Follicular Phase = Waxing Moon (6-10 days)

Ovulatory Phase = Full Moon (3-6 days)

Luteal Phase = Waning Phase (10-14 days)

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