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Mindset Shift

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We advise you to listen to the recording of this lesson instead of reading it because it will allow you to tap into your mind more easily.

Ok so now you are a period guru – jk, we know it is a lot of information and can be overwhelming, with all the hormones, phases, habit changes the list can go on

It is a lot because we’ve been living in a world that has not taught us this! Imagine if we were introduced to our cycles in middle school and our work, life and play supported us. We are reshifting how we exist in the world – one that is empowering, supportive, and badass. You are never alone as Comma is right here supporting you every step of the way.

Our team, and myself, knows what it feels like to begin the journey of self discovery from a hormonal level. We’ve been through it all and are on the other side (it’s sooo much better!) and have devised a step by step plan to support you.

First, take notice of your body and come back into it. Feel your feet, wiggle your toes, and squeeze your but ;) Now, take a deep breath in for a count of four, holding at the top, and exhaling for a count of six. Do this three times. Do not skip this!!

Now, repeat these affirmations:

  • I am proud of myself for taking on this challenge of healing my body

  • I am putting myself first

  • I am nurturing myself on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental

  • My body has supported me this far and now it deserves rest

  • I deserve to be pain free

  • I am worthy of feeling good every day

Women and menstruators often neglect their health, because we have been taught to prioritise other things such as work and our families. How many times have you put others’ needs over your own? How many times have you neglected your mental health or physical health to help a friend? How often do you neglect or let your boundaries be crossed?? Bestie… it’s time to stop that and support yourself like how you have been supporting others.

It’s time to take our health back into our hands.

Having your cycle at the forefront of your life is a revolutionary act, together with taking meaningful rest seriously and caring for yourself beyond superficial “self-care” buys.

We are here to teach everyone how to take back control of their cycle and change their perspective on their lives and the importance of their health.

Mindshift with us - picture this - it’s 6 months from now, your period is coming in a few days. Your skin is glowing, your digestion is on point, and your moods are stable. You’ve cancelled or moved some plans, scheduled some yin yoga and are batching up your fav food to prepare. You’re in tune with your intuition, feel embodied, alive and present. You know what phase of your cycle you are in and are able to adjust your daily needs to support you. You feel empowered to rest and excited to work hard and push. You know how to maximise your time and no longer feel guilty for taking slow days as you know the hot and spicy productive days are coming. You are no longer in pain and are able to enforce your boundaries with ease. Life is good because you know yourself so much more than you ever could’ve imagined!

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