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Are you "PMSing"?

Updated: Nov 14, 2022


Again, might sound like a broken record but they are absolutely NOT NORMAL!

Yea ofc, before your period you feel the need to retreat, socialise less and you might even be more sensitive to other people.

But in no way should you be feeling depressed, incredibly anxious, like everyone hates you. If that's the case, you might be PMSing...

We see the "PMSing" word everywhere, especially in movies and media.

But what is PMS? Premenstrual Syndrome is a combination of symptoms that you might experience between 1-10 days before your period. Some of the symptoms include

  • sore boobs

  • headaches

  • cramps

  • mood swings

  • depression

  • irritability

  • fatigue

Sounds awful? yea, it is. If you're experiencing these symptoms a lot and very intensely, you might have PMDD, a condition which is basically PMS symptoms but a more severe form. It can be incredibly isolating and confusing to feel like your moods are changing up "for no reason" for a few weeks. Don't worry, both PMS and PMDD are treatable with lifestyle changes, natural remedies and sometimes medication.

Do you experience PMS? Keep reading! We'll talk about tips on how to soothe it and make those nasty mood swings go away.

If you feel like you might have PMDD, please consult a specialist as soon as possible and if you need help finding one, contact us any time, it would be a pleasure to help.

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