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What your seasons might look like

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Every period is different, when you start tracking, you might notice that some of your phases will be longer, some might cause you more trouble and some might pass by without much notice.

A healthy cycle will last 21-35 days and you will bleed between 2-7 days.These are some examples of how your phases might look like!

If you bleed for up to 7 days, your cycle might look like this, while a long menstrual phase might be a bit draining, you'll have plenty of time to feel at the top during your summer phase, baby!

Make sure you know when both phases are coming, so that you don't overestimate the lenght of your summer and accidentally plan too many things for your autumn!

If your period lasts for up to 35 days, you'll probably find yourself hanging out a lot in Spring! FUN!

There are ways for you to boost the powers of your spring and support your hormones to make it even more exciting. You'll want to boost your oestrogen (hellooo nutrition hacks!), flax seeds are a great option to add to salads, meats and cereal.

Do you feel like you're PMSing every month? You might stay in your luteal phase for more or less half of your cycle.

You might feel irritable and moody during this phase and need a bit more TLC. Try to include more mindfulness exercises during this phase such as yin yoga, meditation and socialising less.

Focus on eating hearty and comforting meals (and plenty of them) and generally slowing down your routine.

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