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F**k fitting in - Society isn't built for us.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The society we live in isn't built for us, we know that, especially in the health industry. In fact, we're often excluded from clinical trials, which are conducted with the male biology in mind. Inevitably, these end up in mishaps and badly engineered medicinals. Just as an example, look at the pill that was designed to prevent heart attacks but actually increased the likelihood of them in women during a certain phase of the menstrual cycle.

We are also often poorly diagnosed, just look at how people suffering from endometriosis have to wait up to nine years to get a diagnosis. The much needed and underfunded research for menstrual conditions has just recently entered the chat in UK policies.

The cherry on top of it all, is that our pain is taken less seriously than our male counterparts. Racial discrimination exacerbates this problem, making black women four times more likely to die during childbirth. Many of you will have experienced telling your GP about your period pain and getting ibuprofen prescribed to you time and time again.

However, somehow we are made to feel "broken". Just look at how many new diet and exercise trends are created, money spent, and insecurities targeted, all trying to "fix" or "better" us. No wonder we often feel overwhelmed, insecure and uncared for. We are expected to adapt and fit into a mold that was not shaped for us and it leaves us depleted.

Let's talk about another obvious example, the corporate life. Did you know the 9-5 day is designed after the male hormonal cycle?


Cisgender men only have the circadian rhythm, which follows the 24 hour clock (we also have this but our hormones follow another rhythm, a monthly one, that takes precedence).

Their testosterone peaks at around 5am which is why most morning routines have you wake up and hit the gym immediately. Then they can start their to do list and grind away until lunch. Around this time, Oestrogen starts to rise, meaning lunchtime and after is a more social time, with collaboration and engaging with others. At around 4/5pm Oestrogen is at its highest which is why HAPPY HOUR EXISTS. This is when they would go and make biz deals, connect with clients, colleagues and bosses. Then 9pm all hormones decline and they want to eat, watch TV and sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Meanwhile, menstruators cannot expect to perform and act the same every day, and shouldn't have to. Our hormones follow the Infradian Rhythm, which is more or less monthly. This means that your productivity, concentration, tiredness, social abilities, will not be the same everyday at the same time.

There are strategic times during your cycle in which you can perform at your absolute MAX, and other times in which your brain will be foggier and has to operate at a different speed.

We want to teach you how to reframe your mind from expecting to perform, feel, and act the same level every day. It's time to use our rhythm to our advantage and watch major improvements in:

  • Your relationships 🌹

  • Your Productivity 🧠

  • Anxiety, Negativity & Burnout 🧘‍♂️

  • PMS symptoms ⚡

  • Your Period Pain

Stop here for a sec and share this with a friend who needs to hear this. If you are already hell bent on changing your life, GOOD NEWS. We are recruiting our community of testers to learn how to shape your life according to your rhythm click here to join!

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