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Normal vs. common periods

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We’ve been taught that a healthy period is basically every period under the sun - irregular or not, painful or not, vomiting or not, on birth control or not, they’re all normal, or so they say. How can this be?I


While saying that a “painful” or “irregular” period is not normal may cause some raised eyebrows and a defensive “but my doctor said it’s fine,” in reality, they are common, but not normal🤭 . If you’ve gone to the doctor because of cramps, bloating, acne, migraines, heavy bleeding, skipped periods, then you know what it feels like to be told “that’s normal.” Maybe you’re disappointed, frustrated, and wanting answers, because bestie… you shouldn’t be in pain or missing out on life a week every month.

Yes, we’ve been gaslighted into believing these symptoms are normal and that birth control is the mighty saviour. However, as much as we recognise the importance of contraceptives, we stand by the principle that it should NOT be prescribed for period symptoms, at least not without a proper diagnosis first. A synthetic pill that was tested on unwilling POC patients and in psychiatric hospitals, with fudged results and sketchy principles (read all about it here), will not solve EVERY period related problem.

I want this sentence to be your new mantra.

"Just because it is common does not mean it is normal". You deserve to thrive. You deserve to make memories with loved ones, go on hot girl/guy/person walks and brunch dates without fear of your period. You deserve and have the right to live vibrantly. It’s time to unite and learn the truth behind our hormones, because they are in our control. We are breaking the silence and sharing what a healthy period really is and how you can get there… because it’s your right.

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